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Discover and experience Burgers' Zoo

Burgers' Zoo is a modern animal park in Arnhem, where you can go on a voyage of discovery through nature reserves from all over the world. The park is clearly arranged in various inspiring and thematic areas:

  • Burgers' Bush, here you experience the colorful world of the tropical rainforest.

  • Burgers' Desert, in the desert you can get acquainted with the rock desert of Arizona.

  • Burgers' Ocean, awesome sharks, beautiful fish etc. can be found in this ocean.

  • Burgers' Safari, here you get a beautiful view of the East African savannah.

  • Burgers' Mangrove, in the mangrove you will discover various turtles, birds and reptiles.

  • Citizens' Rimba, you come here face to face with, among other things, tigers, monkeys and snakes.

  • Burgers' Dierenpark, special animal encounters with elephants, meerkats and gorillas are discussed here.

  • In addition to the thematic areas, Burgers 'Zoo has especially for children Burgers' Adventure Land, a large playground where your children can play.

    Parking and public transport
    There is a spacious car park right next to the main entrance. From the train station Arnhem Central Station several bus lines run right in front of the gate of the Arnhem animal park. Burgers' Zoo is open every day of the year, including all public holidays.

    For prices and the exact opening times, please visit

Family Fun package

Family Fun package

Ask our front desk for the possibilities to combine your stay with tickets to the Zoo. Discover a total of 45 hectares and visit animals from all over the world.

Their eco-displays emulate unique nature reserves as naturally and accurately as possible, often allowing animals to live in great freedom amidst hundreds of plant species.