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Discover Versatile Arnhem

Whether you like shopping and going out, are a lover of culture or nature, or like to visit events and attractions, Arnhem offers everything to make your stay an unforgettable time.

Arnheim Fashion, Dutch Open Air Museum, Burgers' Zoo, People of the Labyrinths, Museum of Modern Art Arnhem, Dutch Water Museum and ArtEZ Institute of the Arts have their origins in Arnhem, but also have high-profile events such as the Arnhem Fashion Biennale, the Fairy Tale Festival and World Statues. The cozy center of the capital of Gelderland is situated in the middle of a spectacular green area, with the Veluwe on one side and the flood plain on the other.

Arnhem Greenest city
Arnhem has not been declared the Greenest City in Europe for nothing. The scenic location and the presence of many parks makes Arnhem a unique city. Nature lovers are therefore in the right place in Arnhem and its immediate surroundings. Park Sonsbeek is undoubtedly the most famous park in Arnhem, but Arnhem has much more natural beauty. There are also a number of nature reserves around Arnhem, such as the unique Meinerswijk nature reserve, which is located at a relatively short distance from the center.

Arnhem Modestad
Fashion lovers can indulge themselves in Arnhem. Arnhem is effortlessly in the top of patriotic fashion cities. The ArtEZ fashion academy has a greater influence on the city than you might think at first glance. Or would this high-quality academy be a consequence of the interest in fashion of the Arnhemmers themselves? Whatever it is, the city houses many special fashion stores. Fashion in terms of clothing, jewelery, bags, watches, shoes, glasses, designer's own stores, everything is there ... also for children.

Arnhem Historical city
As the capital of the province of Gelderland, Arnhem has a rich and eventful history, which can be found in part in a number of monumental buildings in the city. Very interesting to see are the Maarten van Rossumhuis (also called Devils House), the Sabelspoort and the Presickhaeffs Huys. The 40 mediaeval cellars, which have been restored and connected to each other under the shopping streets, show you what it once looked like in Arnhem. The Grote- or Eusebiuskerk towers above the city. In this late Gothic cross basilica is a unique glass elevator, which rises to a height of no less than 73 meters. From here you look out on the cozy shopping heart and far over the region.

Arnhem Trolleystad
The only city in the Netherlands is trolleybuses in Arnhem. You can easily and quickly get to one of the many attractions and museums by trolley bus. The range of museums in Arnhem is very large and diverse. There are museums in the fields of art, water, wine and history. And do not forget the range of top attractions such as Burgers' Zoo and the Dutch Open Air Museum.

Arnhem Event city
Various cultural events and are reviewed annually. Koninginnedag, Hemelvaart, the Arnhem UITboulevard and World Statues are some examples of this. An up-to-date overview of the cultural offer can be found on