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Live Cooking

Every Saturday from 17.30 p.m. we present a variety of tasty dishes in our luxurious open kitchen.

A cosy evening with friends or a romantic evening with the two of you? Our Live Cooking buffet is highly suitable for both purposes! Every Saturday from 17.30h (5.30 p.m.) we offer a variety of tasty dishes in our luxurious open kitchen. Unique detail: our cooks prepare your dishes à la minute.

Live Cooking Highlights:

* Luxurious tastings, with additional cold meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.
* Oriental wok dishes with various side dishes.
* Grilled meat & fish specialities with vegetable and potato garnishings.
* Grilled chicken from our rotisserie with chips
* Dessert buffet with sweet delicacies, made by our patissiers.
* Until 21.00h (9. p.m.) unlimited drinks from the Dutch selection.

There will be a finger-lickin' good buffet for the kids, with chips, snacks, great sauces and togther with our cook they can bake their own pizza. They can also watch animated cartoons in our Timo Toekan Children's cinema.

Every Saturday between 17.30h (5.30 p.m.) and 21.00h (9 p.m.)

Adults € 37,50
Children, ages 4 through11 € 17,50

For reservations you are requested to contact our reception staff members. They can be reached by telephone at + 31 (0)26 31 888 88 or by e-mail:

* On holidays other rates apply.